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Coping with the loss of a loved one can be devastating. At times, the stress of the loss is magnified by the need to conduct business on behalf of our loved one. That certainly can be overwhelming. There may be a mortgage, medical bills and other expenses to pay. If you find yourself in that position with the need to sell a property, we can help. Kevin is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist. Kevin and Sharon have helped many folks in similar situations sell properties in the past. Give us a call. We are available to discuss your situation and your needs.

A few thoughts:

• Know that it’s okay to express your feelings.

• Let friends and family support you in the process.

• Give yourself permission and time to grieve.

• Talk about good memories.

• Look for the good that life has to offer.

• Find something to be grateful for.

Here is a list of probate terms that you may need to know.

Probate Glossary

Administrator – A person named by the Probate Court to settle the estate of a decedent who dies without a will.

Beneficiary – A person named in a will to receive a share of the decedent’s estate.

Codicil – An amendment to a will. 

Conservator – A person appointed by the Probate Court to supervise the affairs of another person who is incapable of managing his or her affairs or caring for himself or herself.

Decedent – A person who has died and whose estate is the subject of a probate proceeding. 

Domicile – A person’s primary and permanent place of residence. 

Executor – A person named in a will to settle an estate. Fiduciary – A general term for one who manages the property or arranges for the personal care of another. Examples include an executor, executrix, administrator, trustee, guardian and conservator. 

Guardian – A person appointed by the Probate Court to manage the property or care of a minor child or to arrange for the care of an adult with intellectual disability.

Heir – A person entitled to receive a share of the estate if the decedent died without a will. 

Intestate – The estate of a decedent who died without a will.

Personal Property – All property not classified as real property. Personal property includes bank accounts, shares of corporate stock, bonds, automobiles, household furnishings and personal effects. 

Probate Bond – A guarantee by a third-party insurance company to reimburse the estate for financial losses resulting from a fiduciary’s breach of his or her duties. 

Real Property – Land and buildings, including a condominium unit. 

Testate – The estate of a decedent who died with a will. 

Trust – An arrangement under which one party holds and manages assets for the benefit of another according to written instructions contained in a will or trust agreement. 

Will – A written declaration of a person’s instructions for the distribution of his or her property after death, executed in accordance with specific legal procedures